Sunday, April 29, 2018

Brazil - Part 4 Finishing up our Journey

April 28 - 29
Walking Tour of Paraty

We took a 4-1/2 hour van ride from Rio southwest to the historic town of  Paraty, a UNESCO nominated World Heritage Site.  It was inhabited by the Guianas Indians when Portuguese settled here in the 16th century.  For awhile it became an important port since gold was shipped here from the mines on its way to the Portuguese king.  
One of the churches on the walking tour

We arrived in the late afternoon, checked into our room at Pousada Villas de Paraty and then took a walking tour around the town square.  These days the town still has the original rock pavement used hundreds of years ago.  We admired the old buildings with many many doors that were used for business so long ago.  We saw the outside of the many old Catholic Churches - one for the upper class, one for freed slaves and one for slaves.  We checked out the residence of the current Prince of Portugal who still comes here every New Year's Eve to watch the fireworks in the bay.   Nice!
Walking along the canal from our hotel to the town of Paraty

The next day we boarded a 29 ft boat for a ride in the beautiful water surroundings.   The coastline is dotted with many beautiful lush islands and it reminded me of the South Pacific. Pretty! Our destination was to visit a
traditional fishing village and learn about the Caicaras, indigenous people who live on the shores of the water.
Fisherman carves us a boat
We met a fisherman who carved a boat for us out of a tree branch and through our interpreter, we learned about his life.  He was offered quite a bit of money for his land but turned it down because he said this was the life he knew and wanted it to continue through the
At Fisherman's Village with handmade boat in background
generations.  We enjoyed learning about him and his family and bought one of his little carved boats.  We then continued to another island where we enjoyed a delicious lunch of the local fish, rice and beans, mandioc french fries and salad.  Yum!  We continued on to a Cachaca distillery where we sampled the local sugarcane liquor and had a vigorous hike through the rain forest. 

Today, Sunday, was a rest and relaxation day around the pool and packing for our trip by van back to Rio.  We'll stay at an airport hotel so that we can catch our flight the next day back home.

We've been talking to our Friendship Force friends and we all agree that some of the highlights of this journey are:
  • Meeting the friendly Brazilian people.  For us, we loved our hosts in both cities and will always remember the kindness of them, sharing their homes and delicious food
  • Iguazu Falls - simply the best falls in the world, gorgeous views, tremendous power of the water with the bonus of BUTTERFLIES and rainbows
  • The Japan House in Sao Paulo where you can step into a painting - we were dazzled by the experience - How did they think of this?
  • The railroad train to the top of the Christ the Redeemer Statue and the cable car to Sugar Loaf in Rio - great experiences with gorgeous scenery
  • Traveling with a great group of friends that we know in our club - everyone was agreeable and helpful
  • Great food, especially the desserts - loved the flan and coconut pastries, local fish, cheese balls, cheeses, coffee 
  • Experiencing the Brazilian culture and learning about the Portuguese influences, mixing of the races and art.
Great trip - we highly recommend Brazil as a travel destination!

Postscript:  We had a 3 hour delay flying home from Rio when the plane did not take off due to hydraulic problems.  So, we rolled back to the runway and disembarked.  Finally, we took off and arrived safely in Miami. Drove home & arrived @5AM! We slept 2 hours and stayed up all day and went to bed at 8 PM.  Today is Thursday, May 3.  After 11 hours of sleep, we are preparing for our PGIslander's meeting tonight and our Friendship Force meeting tomorrow. Never a dull moment in Paradise!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Brazil, Part 3

On a throne in the forest
April 25 to April 26

On the way to the Iguacu Airport we decided to tour a beautiful Bird Sanctuary.  What great specimens of unusual birds we saw there!  It was a lovely stroll through a park like setting. 
Scarlet Ibis
Check out some of our pictures below!

We had a 1-1/2 hour flight and landed in Rio at night about 7:30 p.m.  The tour company transported us to our comfortable hotel which is located about a block off of Copacobana Beach.  We had a 6 hour tour of the city today.  We took a cog railroad up to see the statue of Christ the Redeemer.  Views were spectacular.  

Later we took a cable car up to Sugar Loaf.  Again, just gorgeous views of the bay and Atlantic Ocean.  The group all ate together tonight on the Copa Strip bordering the ocean.  Rio is a gorgeous city.  Tomorrow we have a favella tour on the schedule!

Today we took a morning tour of Rio's favellas, poor areas that are perched on its hillsides.  The guide explained why the favellas sprung up near the high rent districts and the plight of the people who live there.  We toured Rocinha, which is home to 150,000 people.  Most are hard working people, but unfortunately there are drug lords living there.  At first they were good to the people, but now they spread terror.  The government is trying to step in with police and military protection.  A good portion of our tour money is spent to help support the schools and for other efforts to help the people who live there.
We pose beneath Christ the Redeemer
Cable Car to Sugar  Loaf Mountain
View of Rio's harbor

Overlooking Rio from Sugar Loaf - Copacabana Beach
Secretary Bird
Toucan poses for us

Richard & Joanne surrounded by birds

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Brazil, Part 2

Saturday, April 14, 2018

It's 5:45 am and we are awake finishing last minute packing for our transport to the local Sao Paulo airport. Bleary eyed we hopped into Anna's car and for once (since it is early and a Saturday), the traffic moved. Anna told us how much she enjoyed hosting us and we thanked her profusely for her hospitality and we hugged goodbye. We made it through security and met our group in the terminal for the short one-hour flight to Belo Horizonte Airport. Belo Horizonte is the capital city of the southeastern Minas Gerais state. Nova Lima is a suburb of it, the first planned city and has new modern architecture with pretty mountain views. The area produces iron ore and once was known for gold mining.
Our Friendship Force Group poses in the park

Surprise! The Nova Lima Group greeted us as we exited the luggage area with a huge welcome sign and plenty of hugs. (Brazilians are very very friendly and like to hug and kiss you on the cheek). We boarded a bus for a one hour transport to the site of the Welcome Party and lunch, at one of their members lovely, almost new house. They toasted us with official Brazilian drinks called caipirinha, made with lemons & lime and sugarcane liquor with passion fruit and pineapple fruit. Then, it was time for feijoada, a mixture of black beans, rice, sausage and beef. Its considered the “national dish” and is delicious. It's origin is from the slaves that first came to Brazil who used the left over beef to create a good meal. But wait, there's more gastronomic delights! How about the custard flan, coconut cakes with tapioca fillings, guava spread between the delicious cheeses of the area? Wow, the calories! Worth every bite!

Eventually, we were taken to our home for the next week by our personable, English-speaking hosts, Aloisio and his wife Simone, with their 20-yr old daughter, Marina. The have a gorgeous Spanish-colonial architecture home that they've recently renovated. We have a comfortable room (and bed) with our own bathroom. Richard is absolutely delighted because they have 2 friendly Golden Retrievers. (Richard LOVES goldens, he has always wanted one, and is having a ball playing with them). After a lovely light dinner, we fell into bed and slept soundly until the next morning.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Rob & Sue with Joanne & Richard at scenic vista
Up at 7:45 am for a wonderful Brazilian breakfast with our hosts! We were transported to city center for a tour of the city and visited a beautiful vista where there was a monument to Pope Paul VI's visit. We also beautiful tile work at the church of St Francis of Assisi – such unusual architecture!
St Francis of Assisi Church - neat architecture!

Aloisio took us to eat out a a lovely cafe – it seems that there are many buffet restaurants here that charge by the weight of the dish. After that, we went to the birthday party of their nephew. We noticed that family is of utmost importance in Brazil. There is a birthday celebration for every member of the family that is attended by aunts, uncles, grandmothers, cousins, etc. All in all a great day!
Entrance to Simone & Aloisio's beautiful Nova Lima home

Monday - Wednesday, April 16-18, 2018

The last three days have flown by with lots of activities and family interaction. I had a great time going to the Central Market with Simone and checking out the unusual fruits, veggies and assortment of Brazilian items for sale. On Tuesday we visited city museums and the group enjoyed a lovely lunch at the home of club members, Dorinha and Fernando Milton. Fernando is a retired orthopedic physician who is a talented artist and sculptor. Today we headed for Ouro Preto, a colonial city founded in the gold rush. We visited gorgeous churches and checked out the gem shops in the area.

Thursday – Friday, April 19-20, 2018
With our hosts, Simone and Alonsio

Richard came down with a sinus cold with lots of stuff dripping down his throat. So, today he stayed with our hosts and rested. They fixed him up with lots of good Brazilian remedies. I went with our group for a tour of their soccer stadium. Football (soccer in Brazil) is BIG down here and we were fully educated. Of interest, was displays of their players uniforms and footprints of Pele, who was from this region. Friday, was a wonderful Farewell Party with an authentic Brazilian BBQ.
The 2 yr old Golden Retreiver, Fleur -  very fun & micheveious!
Mike, the older one, who  is very sweet
The food here has been awesome. Its hard to keep your weight under control when they are feeding you their cheese breads and awesome desserts. They are experts at making flan – we've had traditional flan, coffee flan, coconut flan, etc. We did a little “goodbye” ceremony for them. We spelled out Florida, USA and each one of us learned the Portuguese for what we said, e.g., “U” in USA is for the unity of our states. On Saturday, we sadly hugged our hosts, Simone and Aloisio Melo, and parted with tears in our eyes. Hopefully, they'll come visit us someday!

Our group of 11 Friendship Force pals poses in front of Iguacu Falls, Brazil
The Next 10 Days – our group booked a private tour with Experience Brazil. We flew to Foz do Iguacu (Iguacu Falls) on Saturday. These falls are considered one the natural wonders of the planet. We spent Sunday, April 21, on the Brazilian side and tomorrow, we will travel over to the Argentina side. Today we saw rainbows and lots of butterflies as we snapped pictures, trying to preserve the scenes on film and in our memories.

Just one of many falls on Brazilian side

Gorgeous butterflies there
Joanne & Richard in front of the falls
A butterfly called "88" - can you see it?

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Brazil, Part 1

Saturday, April 7, 2018

The van pulled up about 12:15 pm with our friends, Sue & Rob Linehan, picking us up for our Friendship Force Journey to Brazil. We rode to 3 more stops picking up our member passengers in the surrounding area before we hopped on I 75 South headed for the Miami Airport. The time fly by and before we knew it, we were searching for a gas station to fill er up before dropping her off at Budget Car Rental. We had a challenging time making a left on a divided highway that took us through a run down trailer park until finally we found a station that would take our credit card. (Most of these stations make you go in and pay with long lines). Hurrah, we found $2.49 per gallon fuel and we were on our way making it to the airport in plenty of time for our flight on Latam Airlines. I had requested exit row seats and it was “eye-opening” to hear we were transferred to tighter seats because “we were too old” to qualify for these seats. You see, we are over Age 60, the top age for these seats. Oh well,we crammed into the seats and we were on our way for the 8 hour overnight flight.

Upon arrival we cleared Immigration and picked up our luggage – NOT! Richard's backpack was left in Miami and we were assured it would be delivered by the next day. We rubbed our bleary eyes and tried to stay awake on the special bus that took us to our Welcome Brunch at one of the Sao Paulo's members lovely home. We were kissed and hugged by about 20 Sao Paulo Club members and encouraged to eat an array of pastries, sweets, juices, Brazilian Coffee, etc. Then, the video show started with an explanation of the South American countries focusing of course, on Brazil. We had a
Our beautiful host, Anna.  She is a professional seamstress.
great time with them all and met Anna, our host for the week. She scooped us up in her car and drove us to her place, a charming home on a busy street. We noticed that most of the nice properties in the city have courtyards with walls surrounding them, complete with video cameras and alarms. That was true for Anna's place. We went in and met Beluska, a 2-yr old dauchound little girl. She is very friendly little dog! Anna is a retired widow with 5 grandchildren (she had two sons, one of which passed away a few years ago). She is an accomplished seamstress and artist and has a lovely collection of plate and thimbles from her world travels. Her family immigrated to Brazil in the 1920's from Bulgaria. Like the US, Brazil is a melting pot of the indigenous peoples, Portuguese, blacks (who were slaves), Italians, Germans, Eastern Europeans, Japanese, etc.
Richard enjoyed little Belluska

We were very tired so after a bowl of her homemade chicken soup and breads, we bid her good night and slept soundly in our comfy bed. (We have a full bathroom off the bedroom and are very happy with our accommodations.

Monday, April 9, 2018

We had a traditional Brazilian breakfast – fresh fruit (papaya), coffee, breads and cheeses. Anna dropped us off at one of the club member's home and we were on our way again for a city tour of Sao Paulo. One of the club members, Reyna, is recently retired and speaks perfect English. She and others walked us through the lively downtown areas. We window shopped, visited the Cathedral, rang the city bell and listened to them describe some of the history of the founding of the city in 1545 by a Portuguese missionary. Today the city is the most populous in all of South America with 20+ million. We were told that they are in a recession, but the city looked prosperous to us. However, like any large city, we noticed the homeless sleeping in some of the streets and were told to be very careful of pickpockets. Their government has corruption – only this past weekend one of their leaders who was on track to be their president, was convicted and put in prison. There were demonstrations against this action, but fortunately, all this occurred before we arrived.
Joanne with Brazilian kitty at museum

We had a delicious buffet lunch and were able to try lots of Brazilian dishes. I loved the fresh avocado salad, grilled steak and tempura veggies. Also, the flan carmel custard was awesome! This afternoon we visited the Copan Building and went up to the observation deck which gave us a great view of the skyscrapers of the city. Dinner was at a local pizzeria with our host Anna. Great first day!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

With our Friendship Force group at Sao Paulo Museum
Our day host, Pedro, picked us up at 9 am for a drive into the city, the destination – Ibirapuera Park, a huge green patch with awesome museums. First stop was the Afro Museum which tells the story of the black's contribution to the country. Our guide gave us his perspective on why the Portuguese went to Ghana in search of slaves to work the mines in Brazil. We learned that Queen Isabella freed the slaves about 20 years after America's Emancipation Proclamation. After a pleasant picnic lunch in the park, we continued onto two more museums, where we saw modern art and some Chagall and Picasso works as well as some Brazilian art. Later, that evening we treated our host, Anna, to dinner at a Brazilian Churrascaria called Tordilho, where we enjoyed many delicious samples of barbeque meat cut from skewers.
Sao Paulo Rooftop View - one crowded city, lots of traffic!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

We left with Anna for a drive to the local Metro subway station. We both agreed that Sao Paulo traffic is the worst we've seen anywhere! It took us about an hour to go a few miles. Eventually we caught the subway and exited on Paulista Avenue, a beautiful street that reminded me of Park Avenue in NYC. Our guide said that it was once on the outskirts of the city and the coffee plantation owners built their mansions along it. Today, it has attractive office buildings, but occasionally there is a large home set back hiding along the street.
Sue & Rob at Japan House (in a painting!)
The highlight of the day was the Japan House, which was built by the Japanese to celebrate their many immigrants. We loved the secret room which we entered into through balloon type curtains and we were suddenly in a black and white painting. Everyone was amazed and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We also saw a 3D imaging area of items that were produced from that technology – very neat. Later, we enjoyed a delicious lunch and toured the Modern Art Museum (MASP) where we saw famous artists' works (Monet, Manet, Rembrant, etc) displayed on standing plexiglass boards, a very unique way of looking at the art!

Tonight we had a sumptuous dinner by one of the club members, who obviously was very well to do. She worked for many galleries and has quite an eclectic collection of art. We both
Richard poses in the painting in Japan House
really liked her painting that was acquired from a monastery in Italy circa 1450. We also like a folk art painting of St Francis of Assisi. Her maids made the dinner which was delicious, but the dessert was the best we've had – a coconut cake made with cassava (a root plant cultivated in South America, which is often used to make tapioca) – Wow!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Today the Brazilians wanted to show us the largest port in South American, in the city of Santos. We drove about 1-1/2 hours on a bus through traffic and mountains to get to the sea coast. We took a funicular for a great view of the city and snapped lots of pictures. From there we went to city center for a tour of the Coffee Museum where we learned that Brazil produces the most coffee of any one in the world. They sell to many countries, but their largest customer is the U.S. Following the tour we had a lovely lunch at an authentic Portuguese restaurant and enjoyed the fresh seafood. Tonight our host Anna cooked us a lovely meal of chicken, pasta and fresh salad. The week has flown by and tomorrow is a free day and the club's Farewell Party.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Our day host, Pedro, picked us up at 9:30 a.m. Pedro speaks excellent English, lived in the U.S. For a few years and owned his own business. He's been retired for a few years and he & his wife, Anna, live in a lovely highrise condo on the 16th floor. What a gorgeous view of Sao Paulo from his huge windows overlooking the city.

First stop was the university's exhibit of snakes. The university does research on snake venoms and has quite an exhibit of live snakes. An English student guide answered all our questions and we enjoyed going through it with the tours of little children with their teachers. Later, it was on to the Sao Paulo Soccer Stadium where we were able to gain entrance and look at the gorgeous facility. Pedro wanted to show us his club that he and his family belong to in the city. It was an amazing facility containing modern workout rooms, terraces with multiple pools, tennis courts and most any athletic sport you could think of. We enjoyed a hamburger in the shade and then it was onward to a small superb with historic buildings that had been converted into shops. The highlight was a tour of a 18th century Catholic Church founded by the Jesuits.

Anna and Pedro with me going to Farewell Party
Late in the afternoon we headed to the Farewell Party given at a club house room in a lovely condo building. There was wonderful Brazilian music by a live 3-piece combo with a xylophone, 7 string guitar and drums. Everyone danced and feasted on homemade dishes made by club members. The club gave us a video disk of the week's activities set to music, pictures of us with our hosts. We did a “Florida Show” for them and kissed them all goodbye. What a fantastic bunch of Brazilians! Tomorrow, a 6 am wake up call and a flight to Nova Lima.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Land Trip to East Coast of Florida

Us with our IYC friends getting the awards!
Last year we took our boat, Indigo Star, to 13 different clubs in the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs.  That made us eligible for the Founder's Award - given to those who completed this feat.  For our efforts we were honored along with others at the Moorings Yacht Club in Vero Beach, Florida.  We received a lovely glass tray inscribed with our names and of course, the emblem of the Florida Council.  We had a lot of fun at this dinner because we met others from all over the state and of course, touched base with our Isles Yacht Club (IYC) friends.  IYC took most of the awards - most clubs visited by our club members, Anne & Jeff Peltier and most miles traveled by our friends, Jackie & Bob Whitaker.  

Before the dinner, we went over to Ft Lauderdale to ride the "yellow" taxi boat, which toured by the gorgeous homes and boats lining the intercoastal waterway there.  It was a fun weekend!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

2018 - Punta Gorgeous Life

Time has gone quickly since our last fall post!  
Joanne becomes 2018 Commodore, PGIslanders

Christmas was bittersweet - On the one hand, dealing with my 97 year-old Mom's severe shoulder injury (post fall into a glass table) and rehabilitation was exhausting.  On the other hand, my dear daughter, Michele, and wonderful sister, Claire, came to the rescue.  Claire spent a LOT of money flying here from San Francisco airport at the last minute.  That was so generous of her!  I needed them so much because Mom was released from Rehab right before Christmas and required MUCH ASSISTANCE acclimating to her condo once again with physical limitations.  Claire persuaded her to purchase a lift chair recliner, which helped immensely.  Michele, with her medical background, helped sort out her medications and was able to bridge the medical gap in figuring what needed to be done.

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner at La Florintina's and I made a delicious turkey dinner on Christmas Day.  Cousin Constance & Bill, friend and Christel helped us celebrate and it was fun!  
New Year's Eve Raft up Pelican Island

Fun with PGIslanders at Pelican Bay - 2018 New Year's Day
On New Year's Eve we celebrated Richard's 71st birthday at Pelican Bay with our PGIslander friends.  The weather wasn't as great as other years, but we still had fun with the gang on three catamarans.  Everyone enjoyed Richard's homemade carrot cake.
First sunrise of new year - Jan 1, 2018

2018 dawned.  I (Joanne) became the Commodore of the PGIslander's!  We had a great Change of Watch at the Isles Yacht Club and enjoyed the music of Latitude.  It is such a great group of people that when they needed someone to step up, I couldn't resist.  It's been challenging trying to get a few board members on course, but hopefully, club business will go well and we can get the Fun Meter to the MAX!

My sister, Mary, and brother-in-law, Alan, visited in mid January and helped reorganize Mom's condo.  Bags and bags of old clothes were donated to St Vincent de Paul and slowly Mom started to heal.

We continue to be very active in Friendship Force, a travel club that hosts visitors from foreign lands and the US in our homes.  We also travel as a group to promote world peace.  In early January we welcomed Isaac Teye from the Volta Lake Club, Ghana, Africa.  He had missed out coming here because of visa issues.  He visited from 1/6 to 1/13 and stayed with us for a few nights.  Later in the month, we welcomed visitors from West Michigan.  We toured the Indian Mounds of Bokeelia, enjoyed lunch at Sandy Hook Fish & Rib House in Matlacha and explored the newly opened Peace River Botanical & Sculpture Garden. I created a program for everyone and Richard took pictures.  Lots of fun!  We are currently preparing to go to Brazil this spring.  Can't wait to see Iguazu Falls, Rio and Paraty along with visiting clubs in Sao Paulo and Nova Lima.

Richard accepted the position of President, Charlotte County District, St Vincent de Paul.  He chairs monthly meetings and interacts with each district president in the smooth operation of helping the poor.  He recently helped raise over $20,000 in the annual Walk for the Poor.  This is a 3-year commitment and I'm proud that he stepped up to help the community.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Cruising Indigo Star in Gorgeous Fall Weather

INDIGO STAR docked at the beautiful Field Club
After battling jet lag from our awesome China trip, we prepared Indigo Star for a fall trip with our cruising club, the PGIslanders.  Early November is prime time for going out on the water here in Southwest Florida and we wanted to take advantage of it.  It would not have been possible except for our daughter, Michele, who volunteered to travel here from northern California to advocate for my almost 97-year old Mom, who recently fractured her humerus where it connects to her shoulder.  It is going to take Mom quite a while to heal and figure out how to get out of a chair.  I know we will be spending quite a bit of time in Rehab with her.

Field House Channel
Up went the bimini. Richard swept off the cobwebs and off we went on a gorgeous day.  Our first destination was Venice Yacht Club where Richard pulled the boat into a 90 degree turn to get into a tight slip.   I swam in their heated pool and Richard walked Bleu Kitty on his leach all around the marina.  The next day we headed up the Intercoastal Waterway to the beautiful Field Club, the once summer home of Marshall Field, a retailer in the Chicago area. 
It's now reborn as a yacht and tennis club.  The grounds are gorgeous overlooking Sarasota Bay with old pin oaks gracing the shores.  We enjoyed lunch with Michele who came to pick me up for a Family Meeting and doctor appointment for my Mom.  Later, Jackie and Bob Whitaker arrived and we thoroughly enjoyed dinner with them the second evening there. 

Docked at Marina Jacks, downtown Sarasota
We were off early in the morning for Marina Jack's, the marina that the PGIslanders were all meeting at as their cruise destination.  After multiple conversations with the dockmaster, we were finally able to snag a "good" slip on D Dock, close to our friends' boats.  It took me reminding them that we had asked for an easy "in" and "out" multiple times.  They still wanted to put us far away from our group.  Finally, when I said, "I just hope I don't hit any other boats," they got the idea and gave us what we asked for!  I had to be VERY assertive there, but it was worth it.  We had a super fun time with all our
boating friends.  There must have been 20 boats there!  We had docktails on  the dock and all went to Salute, a very nice Italian restaurant in downtown Sarasota.  We also enjoyed a great Veteran's Day Parade and breakfast at First Watch. 

Our next plan was to continue onto the Sarasota Yacht Club and then the next day to Bird Key Yacht Club.  We are trying to visit 13 boating clubs in the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs so that we qualify for a dinner and award at the Change of Watch next March.  We
Joanne at Art Festival
were able to get into both clubs, despite strong north winds.
Joan & Joe Thomas had their hose rescued by us!
Richard set up our routes and reviewed the approach to each  club or marina.  We talked to each dock master before heading out for the day to confirm that were on the same page.  We had a fun time visiting each of these places and enjoyed some great meals.  We also attended a wonderful Arts Festival at St. Armond's Circle and watched the Sarasota Veteran's Parade.

Tomorrow, we head for home.  Wind blowing down Charlotte Harbor from the NE for the last few days has created nasty & steep waves. So after following the ICW from Bird Key, Sarasota down to Pine Island Sound, we plan to anchor at Useppa Island tomorrow afternoon and come up the harbor early Wednesday morning as we hope for lighter wind and better conditions early in the morning.